“Since joining Collierville Pediatrics
   in fall of 2009, we have never felt
    more secure with the medical care
   provided for our daughter Lydia. Dr.
   Jaya’s commitment and passion to
    her profession is evident with every
   visit. The warm environment, friendly
     staff, and 24hr access to the
    physician are just a few benefits
    we greatly appreciate. Our
   experience at Collierville Pediatrics
    has been a blessing to our family
     and we look forward to many more
    years with Dr. Jaya and the
      Collierville Pediatrics Family.” 
Sincerely, Angela P.

 “We love Dr. Jaya she is AMAZING! She is so caring, kind, loving, just wonderful with our children - we truly appreciate her!!! Dr. Jaya is so kind, taking time to really know our children, answering our questions, just overall so caring and wonderful!”
Rachel G.

I was so impressed with her gentle manner... something we had not received from our previous pediatrician. She took her time with each child, and made them feel so comfortable. Dr Jaya has always been there when we needed her...which is quite often! My daughter refuses to see any other doctor. We love Dr Jaya and all the ladies in the office. They are all very patient, compassionate and incredible knowledgeable. Thank you for being the best Doctor ever!
Thank you so much,
Shelby B.

“Collierville pediatrics is not just a doctors office, it is an extended family. Dr. Jaya and her friendly staff address the whole child not just the physical aspects. They have truly gone above and beyond from answering questions that first time parents have but do not know who to ask, helping with late night illnesses or concerns, and most importantly, taking the time to get to know not just the patient but the family dynamics, history, religious and or cultural beliefs.”
Thank you! Abigail S.

   “I love the personal attention you get from Dr. Jaya.  She has taken the time to get to know me and my son and she is personally available when I call with questions or concerns. I feel that we are both so well taken care of Thanks Dr. Jaya!”
                    - Morgan C.

     “We have taken both our children to
      Collierville Pediatrics since the day they
    opened. Dr. Jaya has never failed to show us a
     great deal of compassion, understanding, and
    kindness. Her knowledge of health and
wellness of children is vast. She is very
thorough, & spends a great deal of time
for every single patient. Dr. Jaya
loves her job, is always willing to
others, and is patient and compassionate.
     My children love her, and I trust her with
                           Sincerely, Punam S.